I have a question about PDC

Colovic Igor cigor at EUnet.yu
Wed Nov 25 10:19:07 GMT 1998

In my school we have one flat network and two domains: NRT_DOMAIN and

For NRT_DOMAIN server iz samba1.9.18. I know that this is not realy a domain
but we plane to install samba2
as soon as there is stable relice.

For LABNET server is NT4SP3.

The thing is that we want to all users be able to log on to these two
domains with same user name and passwd.
Can this be done. We want that when user change passwd in one domain it is
changed in another, and when we add user in one domain it is also added in
Any sugestions.

Colovic Igor           Linux User Group of Yugoslavia
cigor at EUnet.yu
DelphiPro at Yahoo.com

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