PDC busted in CVS

Greg Dickie greg at discreet.com
Tue Nov 24 17:04:52 GMT 1998

Tried the LATEST CVS but still no go. I have a feeling I'm just stupid but if
anyone could point out how, I'd appreciate it.


Here is the trace of tcpdump -w

On 24-Nov-98 Gerald Carter wrote:
> Greg Dickie wrote:
>> Hi,
>>   Maybe I'm doing something wrong all of a sudden but with 
>> cvs code from yesterday or today my NT workstations cannot 
>> find my samba PDC. Did something change besides the group 
>> map parameters?
> Greg,
> Are you trying to add new machines or are existing ones 
> unable to locate the DC?  Can you get a trace and make sure 
> that it is not a name resolution problem.  The machine should 
> be able to resolve DOMAIN<1b>
> Thanks,
> j-
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