Remy Bruno suprem at
Mon Nov 23 20:05:07 GMT 1998

Sbragion Denis wrote:
> NT Domain support needs encrypted password but Unix encrypt them in a way
> that is imcompatible with the NT one. So you must have an smbpasswd file to
> store the NT encrypted password, sorry.
Yes, but with the 18p4 version of samba, it worked! That is people could
access to the shares I made them by typing the password of their account
they had on my linux box! And then, this doesn't work!
Furthermore, the authentication could be done by the *NT server* (that
is not MY computer but another one). That is what is done by the
windows95 computers, so why couldn't samba do the same? This doesn't
imply any unix authentication and thus shouldn't cause any problem!
Moreover, with one of the new alpha versions of samba (I think it was
11), I saw in the log that samba tried to validate the password through
the NT server, that it *achieved* to ("password server accepted the
password") BUT that it tried after to re-validate it via the local
smbpasswd file. What I would have it to do is to accept the connection
as soon as the password server accepts the password and not to
re-validate it localy. I think that this would be possible (and I thougt
that it was the aim of the "security=server" and "security=domain"
options, but maybe there is another option that I don't know).

I recall that I am not the domain server but a client and that I can't
know all the passwords of the users that are on the NT domain.

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