Remy Bruno suprem at
Mon Nov 23 16:36:06 GMT 1998

I'm on an NT domain and I use samba as a client of this domain.
I've got problems concerning authentication done by my machine: the
authentication I *want* it to do is either via the local passwd file
(and NOT the smbpasswd file) or via the NT authentication of the server.
But whatever "security = " option I put, I see (in the logs) that samba
tries to find a smbpasswd file and fails if it doesn't find one! And
when I put one with the good logins (but not the passwords, as I don't
know them: there are in the passwd file or on the NT server and I *want*
to use the same ones), it tells me that the account is disabled! So,
what can I do? Noboddy can access my machine this way! Is there an
option in smb.conf which says that we don't want to use an smbpasswd


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