"domain admin group"

Harald H Hannelius harald at penti.sit.fi
Fri Nov 20 18:14:49 GMT 1998

I am not shure wether I have this right or not: If I add myself to the
'domain admin group', I should get local admin rights on the win95 box I
use. Right?

I took system policies in use to prevent users from messing with the
clients, but the problem is, if I don't configure a policy for myself, I
cannot run regedit or any other util that I have disabled in poledit.
I would like to be able to logon to the domain and get admin rights of the
local win-machine. This only for windows 95/98 for now.

Shouldn't I get all rights on the local machine if I belong to 'domain
admin group'?

I noticed in a mail from Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton on Thu 5 Nov, that
the 'domain admin group' param is going away, but I haven't seen anything
about it in the doco. Anywhere.. 

How about this? If people could reply to me how they have managed to get
this working, it could write some kind of mini-howto.

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