Todo list: account expiration

CAE Samba Admin caesmb at
Wed Nov 18 13:11:20 GMT 1998

>	By the way, could the developers of samba point some start points
>for those who would like to start playing with Samba source code? This way
>we, interested in some nice features, could start implementing some of our
>preferred "todo" wishes. I think that giving a general idea of what each 
>c file does would be a great way of documenting the whole Samba
>package. Things like where user information is read and stored on the Unix
>side, and so on ...

	I'd like to second this...  There are a couple wishes that I would
we willing to code (especially with mas break coming up), but to just jump
into the source and try and figure out what is going on is at this point
incredibly overwhelming.


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