Todo list: account expiration

Celso Kopp Webber webber at
Mon Nov 16 23:53:37 GMT 1998

	Hi everybody!

	I was recently playing with Samba by making some NET_API calls
from a Delphi application under MS-Windows.

	I've noticed that the information provided about the user when you
make some API calls involving NET_USER_INFO3 are very limited.
Information that would be useful include the user's FullName, LastLogon,
Password Expiration Date, and so on.

	One good feature would be to integrate account information present
in UNIX systems that support shadow passwords, into the NET_USER_INFO3
returned by Samba supported RPC calls.

	By the way, could the developers of samba point some start points
for those who would like to start playing with Samba source code? This way
we, interested in some nice features, could start implementing some of our
preferred "todo" wishes. I think that giving a general idea of what each 
.c file does would be a great way of documenting the whole Samba
package. Things like where user information is read and stored on the Unix
side, and so on ...

	Sorry if I was not clear on my statements, but anyway, these are
my suggestions.


	Celso Kopp Webber.

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