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Sean Mathews mathewss at
Mon Nov 16 18:53:40 GMT 1998

 Why not add it to the footer line of the listserver..
i do that for several of my lists to keep the Q. down..

 And i agree it would be nice to have it right here, But
even with that said from what i have found the NTDom faq
is not keeping up with the fast pace of the development.
We are adding and changing a lot of parameters specifily
related to domain groups and user mappings.. And this stuff
needs to be kept in a doc explaining how to setup these
new features as they become available so we can all test them
and help feed back info on there functionality..

 One example is that in the current conf we have 
  domain admin group =
  domain groups = 
  domain guest group =
  domain guest users = 
  and still showing up under testparm is
  domain admin users = 
  even though the faq sais it is a bad idea to use.

 We need a doc that specificly explains these and how they 
are used. And the new ones that will replace these
that will do mapping from the unix groups etc to NT
groups.. And how to setup that stuff. Even though
the NT User manager for domains does work it still
shows my "Administrator" Account exists in the group
"Users" and not as a domain admin and too this day i have
not been able to create a true Domain Admin account.
This i assume is do to the fact that i am missing
critical information to understand it or samba is just
not fully supporting this yet but i dont know what it is
as the doc's are not clear enough on it.

 From reading the faq item 4.3.1 it seems clear i should
be able to make a user a domain admin yet when doing so
it does not realy work I can login sure but user manager
does not show me as a domain admin, and i dont have the 
rights i need to do many things....

 Just my 2 cents werth.. hope this sparks some idears..

 If you read this far thanks :c) and have a nice

  Sean Mathews Nu Tech CTO

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  double salary;
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On Mon, 16 Nov 1998, Dana Canfield wrote:

> I've updated the todo list ( to
> the best of my knowledge.  If people could take a look at it and inform
> me of any errors, I'd appreciate it.
> On a separate note, I've also noticed that there are getting to be a lot
> of FAQ-style questions sent to the list lately (not pointing fingers,
> I've sent some obvious ones myself).  Would it be worthwhile for someone
> to start sending a weekly or bi-weekly message with pointers to NTDOM
> FAQ, the TODO list, and the searchable list archives at MARC/PCC?  If
> weekly releases are going to continue, maybe it could also include the
> siginificant changes for the week?  Just a thought.
> Can

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