Followup of NT failing when giving permissions

Centro de Calculo ccalculo at
Mon Nov 16 13:27:11 GMT 1998

As I told in a previous message NT SP3 Spanish fails to add new (local)
users to the permissions lists of a local file/directory or to the local
registry. This seems to be because it looks by default for the users in
the domain, and then fails with Dr. Watson giving you the following
message (translated from Spanish so might be unaccurate).

"Exception: Access Violation (0x0000005), Adress 0x778933aa"

It's allways the same message, and happens both when you are Machine or
Domain administrator.

I have a level 50 log (4.5Mb) and a tcpdump of it. Is anybody
interested, and if this is the case, where can I put it?

Thank you again
Marcos Mezo
Centro de Calculo
ETSI Aeronauticos
E-mail: ccalculo at
Tfno: 91-336.62.87

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