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Michael Pitra crea at
Mon Nov 16 11:36:05 GMT 1998

I do not know if this message is right on this mailing list but I have one
problem in understanding the difference between "workgroup" (to be set in
the smb.conf) and "domain".

When using smbclient -L I see some output (in NT1 protocol mode) like:

  [Domain]=... [OS]=...

       [Workgroup]=... [Domain]=...

I also supposed then (after seeing the output :))) that this domain string
is the one I have to enter in the Domain box (win95 login process) - all
worked fine.

It seemed to be always the same string for workgroup and domain. Where to
set the workgroup is easy to find. But where do I set up the domain? Or is
it per default that Workgroup and Domain have the same string?

Looking in client.c and clientutil.c it tells me that the string is not
the same, they are lying in the same block but on different positions.
So i suppose that there has to be a possibility to set up the domain name!

If anyone can help me... contact me. Thanks :)

Michael Pitra

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