smbpasswd not called suid root ??

David Bannon D.Bannon at
Mon Nov 16 02:22:31 GMT 1998

I know this is an old issue, but would like to know why smbpasswd is not
allowed to be suid root. I call it from another binary that keeps users
unix and smb passwords in sync and that binary has to be suid and therefore
smbpasswd is too, when its called.

Each time I get a new version I have to comment out this code so my sync
system will work !

  if ((eff_uid == (uid_t)0) && (real_uid != (uid_t)0)) {
    fprintf(stderr, "%s: Must *NOT* be setuid root.\n", prog_name);

Is the problem because the origional smbpasswd itself was suid and when
that changed the author put this code in to be sure that no one continued
to have it suid ? (I don't want smbpasswd suid, just to call it from a suid

Its becoming less important now that the remote passwd change stuff works
so well (great !) but some users like doing it the old way...

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