Access permissions start Dr.Watson on WinNT SP3

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Sat Nov 14 20:50:32 GMT 1998

Marcos Mezo wrote:
> our HD to be secure (that's why we choosed NT over 95/98), so 
> we have to give permissions to deny write access to the HD 
> and also to the registry, but two out of three times it fails 
> and out comes Dr. Watson. I am going to try to catch it up 
> in the samba logs and if I find out how to use it I'm going 
> to use netmon to try to get a trace of the process.
> (any hints?)

What caauses the fault.  Need more information.  Have you 
tried using the guidelines in the "Securing Windows NT"
white paper from Microsoft?

You'll need to allow some write access to registry keys and 
local files (%systemdrive%\temp for example)

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