Access permissions start Dr.Watson on WinNT SP3

Marcos Mezo mmezo at
Sat Nov 14 08:52:31 GMT 1998

Hi all,

    First of all thank you for samba and for the improvements over the
last few months I have been following the developement both in this list
and trying every once in a while the CVS code.

    We are already finishing an installation of aprox. 70 PCs with NT4
SP3 and Linux with Linux and Samba acting as a PDC, which we want to set
in production for the beginning of next year. (It's for a student's Lab)

    Everything seems to work allright except for one subtlety. We want
our HD to be secure (that's why we choosed NT over 95/98), so we have to
give permissions to deny write access to the HD and also to the
registry, but two out of three times it fails and out comes Dr. Watson.
I am going to try to catch it up in the samba logs and if I find out how
to use it I'm going to use netmon to try to get a trace of the process.
(any hints?)

    Thank you in advance,
                                        Marcos Mezo

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