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Dana Canfield canfield at
Sat Nov 14 05:24:05 GMT 1998

There is a list at  Luke used to send me
pretty regular updates of what went where in terms of priority, but then Luke
took some time off of the project, and I spent some time on other projects, so
it hasn't been updated in a while.  I'll try to look through the list this
weekend and make it current again.  Any input from others would be helpful,
especially from the programmers who can clue me in as to the priority and
status of each item.

I'm also about 25% done with a "user's manual" of sorts for Samba 2.0.0.  I'll
try to get it posted to the same web site ( over the weekend
as well, so that those of us who have offered to write documentation have
something to start with.

On an unrelated note, I posted here a week or so ago asking for people's
experiences with NTFS permissions in a lab situation.  I've found some useful
info, and I'll be placing it on the same site later this week.


Chris Russell wrote:

>    Would it be possible to compile either a "done" list or a "todo"
> list (and keep them up to date) so that people can either find out what is
> working or what is not working? I find it frustrating wondering what is
> working or not working at the moment.  Hopefully it would also eliminate
> some of the messages from people asking what is working at the time.  I am
> willing to compile it if people will send me e-mails on what they know is
> or is not working.
> In Christ,
> Chris Russell
> crussell at
> Head System Administrator
> Computer Science Department
> Taylor University

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