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Tue Nov 10 17:34:05 GMT 1998

fixed in latest version.

On Wed, 11 Nov 1998, J. A. Landamore wrote:

> Our system was working happily with the CVS from Oct. 22 1998 and SP3 on NT4.  
> We have only the administrator account locally, all other accounts are on the 
> samba server with roaming profiles.
> We have upgraded to SP4 and now no one can log on.  If the administrator logs on 
> locally then people can connect to their shares quite happily.  We have removed 
> all the machines from the domain and re-connected them, we get the "Welcome" 
> message indicating, at least to me, that they have connected to the samba 
> service happily.  Yet when a user tries to log on they get
> The system cannot log you on to this domain because the system's computer 
> account in its primary domain is missing or the password on that account is 
> incorrect.
> Anyone any ideas what is (not) happening and how to cure it.  Going back to SP3 
> is not an option.
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