Odd behaviour with current CVS tree

Andrew S. Prior andrew at cs.toronto.edu
Mon Nov 9 15:43:45 GMT 1998

On Mon, 9 Nov 1998, Matt Chapman wrote:

> > couldn't log into the NT machines, ever.  It gives an
> > error code C000019B,
> >From the DDK:
> //
> //
> // MessageText:
> //
> //  The name or SID of the domain specified is inconsistent with the trust
> information for that domain.
> //

  Thanks!  Out of curiosity, what's the DDK?

> Are you sure you retained the same MACHINE.SID etc files as when you first
> joined the workstations? Workstations don't particularly like their domain sid
> changing.

  When we updated the CVS tree and started up the new samba, we rebooted the
NT machines, not touching any files on them.  I don't know anything about a
MACHINE.SID file.  Is there something else we should have done?  Should we
leave the domain and join it again maybe?


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