USRMGR clarification

James Willard james at
Sat Nov 7 18:34:12 GMT 1998

I still haven't been able to get User Manager working for Win95, even though
I believe there have been reports of people who have no problems with User
Manager under 95. Is this true? It always gives me an RPC Server Unavailible

A todo list would seem to be a good idea so that those who want to help
knock out some problems can, so that they can go ahead and get 2.0.0 to
release quality. Not much compares to the feeling of crossing things off of
a "To Do" checklist. Of course, that's just my own humble opinion ;).

While we're on the subject of things working, is the samba team aware that
while in 95 Server Manager and bringing up the properties of a PDC, clicking
on "Shares" gives an RPC error? This is only a problem for PDCs, because I
have other samba-2.0.0 servers running as non-DCs and I can view their
shares through Win95 Server Manager without any problem.

James Willard
james at

> What is User Manager currently working for (ie Win95, WinNT4 SP3, WinNT4
> SP4)?
> Also would it be possible to compile either a "done" list or a "todo"
> list (and keep them up to date) so that people can either find out what is
> working or what is not working?  I am willing to compile it if people will
> send me e-mails on what they know is or is not working.
> In Christ,
> Chris Russell
> crussell at
> Head System Administrator
> Computer Science Department 
> Taylor University

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  $/=unpack('H*',$_);$_=`echo 16dio\U$k"SK$/SM$n\EsN0p[lN*1

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