How to make a real domain administrator

Daryl Biberdorf darylb at
Thu Nov 5 22:19:06 GMT 1998

I'm using 2.0.0alpha11 on Linux kernel 2.0.35.
We have NT Workstation 4.0 SP-4 as clients.

We can't figure out how to create a real domain administrator
We have accounts created for the machine, for the
administrator, and we have " domain admin group = administrator"
in smb.conf.

However, even though Samba as the PDC will successfully
authenticate us, it doesn't give us domain administrator
rights. Is there something that needs to be done
locally on the workstation? Logging in as the local
administrator (domain=machine name) gives us all we need.
We'd like it to be more universal.

Thanks in advance. We got put into this situation
at the last minute. We never expected to be running
alpha code in small production environment.



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