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Matt Chapman m.chapman at
Wed Nov 4 01:23:36 GMT 1998

Dana Canfield wrote:

> I don't know if I'm looking in the right place, but... we are having
> problems with certain wizards not running. The big one is the one in
> MSAccess '97 in the Tools menu that "says Merge with MS Word."
> When logged in as a domain user, the OA always pops up and says that
> the wizard is not installed.  But, if you log in as Administrator, or as a
> local user (we have a test account which is only a member of users), the
> wizard runs fine.

In my case the solution was to make the wizard files (*.mde, *.mdt, *.mda)
world-writable (if we weren't talking about Windows NT that would be considered
a security risk!). There is something in the Knowledge Base about this in
relation to Access 95, but in my experience it hasn't been fixed in 97 or the

BTW Can people check the following and reply to me. I am sure both Service Packs
have been thoroughly tested and these are to do with my configuration, but you
never know...

* Access 97 SP2 seems to have broken my Import Data wizard - it just doesn't
come up.

* NT 4.0 SP4 seems to have broken the Permissions dialog in file properties.


Matt Chapman
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