Samba backup (BDC functionality)

Gerald Heinig heinig at
Tue Nov 3 18:33:48 GMT 1998

Hi all,

Please feel free to rant at me if this question's been asked before (I'm
sure it has... :-) ), but does Samba support BDC functionality yet? More
to the point, is it possible to configure 2 machines to run identical
Samba configs (ie. identical smb.confs) and simply start the Samba
server on the "backup" machine if/when the first machine goes down? We'd
like to have some redundancy here, and if all it takes is making a copy
of all user accounts, smbpasswd and creating a replica NIS+ server on
our second machine and starting Samba on the second machine when the
first dies, then that would be a virtually ideal solution. We can take
10 minutes - half hour downtime, but much above that will be difficult
to justify to the powers that be (who are eagerly eyeing the NT Server
glossy brochures... :-( :-( :-(  ).



PS. It says on the Samba NTDOM FAQ that PDC <=> BDC *INTEGRATION* isn't
implemented yet. What exactly does this mean? Does it mean that a BDC
works, but you have to mirror data manually, or start it manually, or
does it mean that BDC simply isn't implemented yet?

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