Problem with connecting with non-domain computer

Dejan Ilic svedja at
Tue Nov 3 13:34:49 GMT 1998

I have problems with connecting from a computer outside the domain
(NT4-SP4) to a server.

When clicking on network neighbourhood everything seems normal, the
NT4 asks for user and password. I get a view of shares, but here the
problem begins.

The names in the list are corrupted in the way that the share-name and
the comment are connected together so that when you click on the name
the computer tries to connect to "NameComment" instead of just the
"Name", thus failing to find the share.

The Samba source is from yesterday, but the problem seems to have been
there for a couple days at least. Samba is configured to run as a

 I just noticed that the same error is there when connected as a
domain_user. Just go thru network neighbourhood to the server and you
will see the error.

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