Mapping various drive to same share (Was: Re: Mixed profiles w/Samba-PDC)

Jon Freivald jon at
Sun May 31 17:28:20 GMT 1998

I've seen this behavior (without Samba involved) using programs that make
repeated "map UNC path to next available drive" calls. Memory is foggy right
now as to what was environment/program (I'm a network engineer, so have
worked on over 500 separate networks in the last 2 years...). If I run
accross it in my notes I'll let you know what it was and how we worked
around it.


At 10:29 PM 5/31/98 +1000, Johan Meiring wrote:
>Sorry I can not point you to a solution, but I can report that I have seen
>this behaviour on an NT4 network with _NO_ samba at all!
>>So far, the only strange thing that has happened is the following.
>>The logon script will force everybody to have two network connections:
>>F: for their home directory and G: for a public repository.  After the
>>user has logged in, and as time goes by, drive letters beyond G: get
>>mapped to the public repository as well.  After several hours, drive
>>letters all the way through Z: can end up being mapped to the same
>>share.  Even when taking out this share from the logon script, it is
>>the home directory that gets mapped over and over in this way.
>>Could this be related in any way to the profile path I'm using?
>>Thanks for your help, all.

Jon Freivald
jon at --

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