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Matthew Geier matthew at law.usyd.edu.au
Fri May 29 21:09:39 GMT 1998

> Matthew Geier wrote:
> > 
> >  My only problem seems to be a name mangling bug in the current CVS tree,
> > its affecting some of my win16 and dos scripts under Win95....
> > 
> Can you give a bug report on the mangling problem please ?
> Chris re-wrote the name mangling code between the last
> 1.9.18 release and the head branch. His tests showed
> that it had exactly the same behaviour as the older
> branch (but was faster).
> Could you explain the mangling semantics you require ?

 I sent a samba-bugs report in at the time, but the quick answer is,
that something changed between 1.9.18 and the current CVS tree that 
broke my setup!. I have a number of batch scripts that attach to and
run database applications off a Novell server (lots of net use commands).
These batch scripts live in a folder called 'Lib Data'. Windows complains
it cant find the batch file when you try to run it.

chdir to /u1/pchome
Got dir cache hit on . APPL -> appl
Got dir cache hit on appl LIB DATA -> Lib Data
Got dir cache hit on appl/Lib Data CASE CITATORS -> Case Citators
unix_clean_name [appl/Lib Data/Case Citators/Hypercite-case Citations.bat]
1998/05/19 10:34:49 getatr name=appl/Lib Data/Case Citators/Hypercite-case Citat
ions.bat mode=32 size=144

After many more transactions looking for .pif and .ico files it eventually
does -

call_trans2findfirst: dirtype = 19, maxentries = 6, close_after_first=0, close_i
f_end = 0 requires_resume_key = 0 level = 260, max_data_bytes = 2432
unix_clean_name [./APPL/LIBDA~H/CASEC~8E/HYPER~I1.BAT]
Got dir cache hit on . APPL -> appl
unix_clean_name [appl/LIBDA~H/CASEC~8E/HYPER~I1.BAT]
unix_clean_name [appl/LIBDA~H/CASEC~8E]
1998/05/19 10:34:50 error packet at line 675 cmd=50 (SMBtrans2) eclass=1 ecode=2
error string = No such file or directory

 It might be worth noting that creating a symlink in the unix file systems 
called LIBDA~H pointing at Lib Data 'fixed' the problem. I assume Samba failed
to turn LIBDA~H back into Lib Data, but it has no problem turning the other
mangled path components back into their real names.

 Ive since found that Eudora 3's installer didn't like living in a directory
called 'Eudora 3' and using a similar symlink hack made it happy.

 Ive also managed to get my home PC under NT to attach to and domain login
to my server at work. After the problems I had with win3.11 logging in from
remote subnets I was expecting it to fail. It took ages, as it scanned every
file in my 'profile' directory on the server, but it worked. I was even more
suprised when my win95 desktop layout (from work) appeared on my NT workstation
at home!

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