A small sucess

Matthew Geier matthew at law.usyd.edu.au
Fri May 29 03:25:30 GMT 1998

 After running the CVS head version of samba for a few weeks. (Last updated
about a week ago) and lurking for a while I finally got an NT client up to
 A minor sucess for me, followed the FAQ instructions and my NT machine
did attach to the samba server and I can login fine.samba-ntdom. I only
did it today so Ive not had time for the machine password to expire yet!:-)

 Ive got a include = /usr/local/samba/lib/smb.%M.conf hack in place
to make my machine require encrypted passwords, but not every one else.
(Their passwords are probably still being 'update encrypted'.)

 My only problem seems to be a name mangling bug in the current CVS tree,
its affecting some of my win16 and dos scripts under Win95....

Matthew Geier,                          matthew at law.usyd.edu.au
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