Changing machine accounts

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Thu May 28 17:05:43 GMT 1998

Gerald Carter wrote:
> Has anyone else seen this message in the system event log?
> EventID 3224
>         Changing machine account password for account CLOVER$ failed
>         with the following error: The credentials supplied conflict with
>         an existing set of credentials.
> The EventLog shows that no one was logged into the system at the time
> the event was recorded.
> Ideas?  Suggestiions?

Did you cvs update within the last day or so ?

I added code to smbd that would detect when the machine
password was older than a configurable time (by default
7 days, as NT does) and then will attempt to change
the password inside the smbd idle loop (ie. when a user
isn't doing anything). And yes it takes care of multiple
smbd's noticing the password needs changing at the
same time :-).

I tested the code here before committing, and it
correctly changed the UNIX machine password to the
PDC whilst a user was using Samba on the UNIX box.

Have you taken a look in the UNIX smbd log - any
machine password change errors will be logged at
debug level 0 so you should always see them.

Check if the CLOVER attempted a password change
at the time given in the eventlog, and see if you
can figure out why the NT PDC was saying that.



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