Mixed profiles w/Samba-PDC

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed May 27 18:57:16 GMT 1998

Paul Ashton wrote:
> jallison at whistle.com said:
> > Indeed I'm going to remove the 'domain sid' parameter
> > before then (that'll break *everyone's* smb.conf files :-)
> NO! Don't do that. I was going to mention this earlier when
> you introduced it, but I didn't since you didn't remove the
> option to do it manually.
> Unix isn't NT. On Unix I like to have control over what
> happens. I don't like "management by broadcast" and "management
> by random number generation" which is half of what NT is all
> about. If I want to configure my DHCP server or my Samba PDC
> to allocate mappings that perhaps have a larger significance,
> I can do it. Why is 1-5-21-32423423-2342312-123213 better than
> 1-5-21-192-168-59 which happens to also indicate which subnet
> the PDC is for? (to give but one contrived example)

Then currently you can just edit the generated MACHINE.SID file to
change the domain SID.  

I think Jeremy's purpose was to prevent everyone from setting up
S-1-5-21-123-465-789.  Given the fact that most of the smb.conf files
posted to the mail samba list still have the comments from the Red Hat (
or other ) distribution, it makes sense to me since the ability to
manually change it is still there.

Not if the contents of MACHINE.SID were some proprietary database named
"Tej" of something like that, then I would agree. ;)

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