Mixed profiles w/Samba-PDC

Paul Ashton paul at argo.demon.co.uk
Wed May 27 17:27:44 GMT 1998

jallison at whistle.com said:
> Indeed I'm going to remove the 'domain sid' parameter 
> before then (that'll break *everyone's* smb.conf files :-)

NO! Don't do that. I was going to mention this earlier when
you introduced it, but I didn't since you didn't remove the
option to do it manually.

Unix isn't NT. On Unix I like to have control over what
happens. I don't like "management by broadcast" and "management
by random number generation" which is half of what NT is all
about. If I want to configure my DHCP server or my Samba PDC
to allocate mappings that perhaps have a larger significance,
I can do it. Why is 1-5-21-32423423-2342312-123213 better than
1-5-21-192-168-59 which happens to also indicate which subnet
the PDC is for? (to give but one contrived example)


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