Error saving roaming profiles, and are groups supported?

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue May 26 21:19:21 GMT 1998

Todd Stiers wrote:
> My issues/questions:
> 1. I get errors on user logout ("Unable to save roaming profile") on
> logout - it loads wonderfully,

Where is the profile stred ( ie. what is the value of "logon path" in
smb.conf )?

> 2. The users in my "SAMBA" domain fail to show in the "User Manager".

Yup.  Does not currently work.

> SO Does the NTDOM version support groups? Is there a behind-the-scenes
> smbpasswd config I have failed to find for groups?

I'll say nope.  But there are a few hacks such as "domain admin users"
and "domain groups".  see the list archives for dicussions about these

Hope this helps,
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