Mixed profiles w/Samba-PDC

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue May 26 15:32:13 GMT 1998

Pierre-Jules Tremblay wrote:
> Hi all,
> User B logs on to workstation A.  He ends up getting user A's profile
> instead of his own (roaming) profile.  More interesting still, his
> USERPROFILE environment variable points to the local directory where
> user A's local profile copy is stored!

Where are the roaming profiles stored? I mean what is the value from
smb.conf?  Maybe this will help... ( from Samba NTDOM faq )

4.1  Why is it bad to set "logon path = \\%N\%U\profile" in smb.conf?

Sometimes Windows clients will maintain a connection to the [homes] ( or
[%U] ) share even after the user has logged out. 
Consider the following scenario. 

     user1 logs into the Windows NT machine.  Therefore the [homes]
	share is set to \\server\user1.  
     user1 works for a while and then logs out. 
     user2 logs into the same Windows NT  machine. 

However, since the NT box has maintained a connection to [homes] which
was perviously set to \\server\user1, when the operating system attempts
to get the profile and if it can read users1's profile, will get it
otherwise it will return an error.   You get
the picture.

> Unfortunately, I do not have the user manager for domains exe.

This and the "Server Manager" are available for download from Microsoft


This is also given in the NTDOM FAQ.

Hope this helps,
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