?Use a script instead of a password file

Jippes, A.G. (UB) A.G.Jippes at ub.utwente.nl
Tue May 26 07:52:17 GMT 1998

Hi Luke (et al.),

Sorry for the 'script' confusion. I didn't mean the "login script". I
would like Samba to use my Perl script to check passwords at our central
user database instead of the smbpasswd file. I need to validate logins
on our semi-public NT workstations.

B.t.w. Since Samba can check the NT-passwords against its one-way
encrypted smbpasswd file, I assume Samba does decrypt the password it
gets from NT workstations, right?


Arnoud G. Jippes
University of Twente Library/IT
Postbus 217, 7500 AE, Enschede
tel:(+31-534)894116, fax:351805
email: a.g.jippes at ub.utwente.nl

>From: 	Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton[SMTP:lkcl at switchboard.net]
>what do you mean by "script"?  do you mean the "logon script" parameter in
>smb.conf, or something else?
>On Tue, 26 May 1998, Jippes, A.G. (UB) wrote:
>> We want to make NT workstations accessible to our library users using
>> their personal login. A script checks the login with our central user
>> database. Can this be done with Samba now, or in the near future? (so,
>> can I get Samba to use the script instead of the password file?). Any
>> pitfalls?

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