security=domain bombs

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri May 22 14:41:36 GMT 1998

Andrew Perrin - Demography wrote:
> On advice of helpful folks from the list, I tried to switch our Samba
> server from security=server with password server = <pdc name> over to
> security=domain.  I get invalid password errors when connecting from 
> NT, and Session Setup failure when using smbclient.  Once I also got 
> "Your server software is being unfriendly" from smbclient.

Make sure that the private/<DOMAIN>.<MACHINENAME>.mac file exists on the
samba domain client.  When I just recently set this up, the file was
created but called MACHINE.SID.  rename this file to
<DOMAIN>.<MACHINENAME>.mac and mae sure that you have added the machine
account for the samba client on the PDC ( Samba or NT ).

Let me know if this helps.  I forgot to mention it to Jeremy recently.

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