Samba NTDOM printing?

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Fri May 22 13:08:03 GMT 1998

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:
> How does the current NTDOM work affect Samba's printing capabilities?
> I've currently got printing working fine (from an NT4.0 Workstation) 
> if I copy a file directly to the queue using a command line copy 
> command, or if I do a NET USE to the printer to capture an LPT port.

This has puzzled me as well.  I have 5 NT boxes printing to a
1.9.19alpha samba served printer.  The samba server is also the PDC. 
However, I am unable to add a new network printer from that server on
the NT boxes.

I talked with Jean-Francois about this.  He has implmented about 16 of
the 50 or so \PIPE\spoolss functions.  However, they are not in the
current main branch code as I understand.

> However, trying to actually set up the printer on my workstation, even
> though it appears just fine in the browse list, results in "Cannot add
> printer. The printer name is invalid.". I vaguely remember seeing
> something about this on the list, but can't remember for sure...

For the meantime, I am setting up a 1.9.18p7 samba server which will use
the samba pdc as the password server and share printers off the main

You are correct that the "net use lpt1: \\server\printername' solution
will work.  The other solution listed in the FAQ does not seem to work
at the moment.

> Also, what do most people use as the permissions on their Samba
> print-spool directory?

rwxrwxrwxt ( the sam as /tmp )

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