Netscape4 profile on 1.9.19alpha drive

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu May 21 21:44:53 GMT 1998

Here we go again....

OK.  I agree this is weird but I am betting that it has something to do
with the wildcard changes that breaks netscape4 profiles for IMAP4
client configurations.

Here's the scenario.

Server 		: Solaris 2.5.1
Problem 	: Netscape 4.05 configured as an IMAP4 client

Client OS	Samba version	work
---------	-------------	----
Win98		1.9.19alpha	no
WinNT4.0	1.9.19alpha	no
WinNT4.0	1.9.18p7	yes
Win98		1.9.18p7	yes
Win98		1.9.18p4	yes

I can go into details if anyone wishes.  The general idea problem is
that netscape does not open the INBOX in /var/mail but rather looks for
inbox in whatever the remote mail folder directory is set to.

The log files ( at debug level 10...I can get high if neccessary ) are

respectively and are from a run on WinNT4.0 Wks against 1.9.19alpha
share and a 1.9.18p7 share.

Just to clarify, Netscape **is** installed local to the PC and the
netscape profile is located on the samba share ( ie. [homes] ).

BTW....Things like 'cd the_*' work great!  Thanks.

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