Use of Samba

Sbragion Denis infotecn at
Thu May 21 15:41:54 GMT 1998


here are my two cents on Samba use. We are a small italian company that
develops custom made software. We use Linux + Samba as our main server.
Only 4 Win95 + 1 Nt clients, but really heavy loaded network (we transfer
about 4 gig over the wire every week). The Linux server does all kind of
work (DBMS Server, Internet connectivity, Intranet services, fax services +
answering machine, automated backups, all sorts of tests, etc) with a
single P150 and 32 Mb of ram without any problem. We have 8 of our
customers with the same environment installed. Most of them have *never*
reported even a single problem in a year, so we plan to change all the
server with Win NT else we have nothing to work on ;) In our spare time we
are developing a Samba interface to HylaFAX that we plan to put in the
public domain, but please don't start asking when it will be released: we
really don't know!


	Dr. Sbragion Denis
	Tel, Fax: +39 39 2324054

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