Bad machine accounts

Kevin Currie x7currie at
Thu May 21 15:13:42 GMT 1998

> Sorry... you mean to tell me that putting samba in inetd was the key for
> you?


> I always thought inetd to be used when samba is scarcely used.
	There is more overhead, but our machine is fast enough to take it.

> I had to take samba out of inetd because it would die due to excess of
> samba requests (I know you can change (nowait.max - default 40) the number
> of connection per minute the inetd can take before it thinks things are
> bad - but still making it standalone worked better/saffer for me)
	Running stand alone, we'd take it down after 10-20 simultaneous
connections.  Samba would still be a running process, it just wouldn't
fork anymore so nothing could really connect.  By putting it in inetd we
got around the problem by letting inetd fork (start actually) a new smbd.

> Can you confirm that taking samba out of inetd at this moment makes your
> 50+ setup fail?

	Unfortunately I don't have access to do this, and I have (by the
looks of the lab right now) about 20 people sitting on the machines who
wouldn't be too happy with me.


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