net time over dce/rpc (fwd)

Tim Winders twinders at
Thu May 21 13:19:26 GMT 1998

On Thu, 21 May 1998, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> On Thu, 21 May 1998, Tim Winders wrote:
> > Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah!  Yeah!
> i don't know why everyone's so enthuiastic about this stuff.  i mean, it's
> only saving them several thousands of pounds and stops your unix admin
> from being made redundant...

<hehe>  I have been waiting for the net time rpc stuff for a while.  I
almost put in a bug report saying my NT Workstation gets an rpc error when
doing net time but my 95 boxes are OK, then I saw the discussions that,
yeah, it doesn't work.  It is one more step along a long journey...

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