My use of SAMBA

Daniel Fonseca daniel at
Thu May 21 12:49:02 GMT 1998

On Thu, 21 May 1998, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> > Just want to know what I've taken on.
> so would i.  can i ask people the favour of doing a "roll-call" of their
> site topology / number of samba pdc servers / number of nt 3.51 / 4.0
> workstations?

Ok. Here's what I've got at the Faculty of Medicine -

- 1 Samba PDC server / homes server / print server / accounting
- 1 Samba File Sharer and Media Sharer (Public CD-Rom and Zip Drive)
- 30 NT Workstations (NT4/SP3) - Heavy sharing
- Couple of Windoze 95

(Near Future - implementation of this same system prototype across 16 (!!)
Departments - 1 Samba PDC and loads of NT Wks)

I was the SysAdmin for the Cibercafe of Oporto and
now run it in a part-time basis (all the basic work has been done).

- 1 Samba PDC / homes (30 Mb each user)/ file sharing plus All Internet
  Services server

- 1 Linux Box running a web jukebox where the
  customers ask for the music that is listened in the stereo loudspeakers
  of the whole cafe (I believe it to be the first one in the world),
  acting as print server for them also and permanently running a lib_svga
  program showing in a big monitor (led panel rotating like) which user is
  in each computer and for how long - pushing that Pentium 100 - 32 Mb
  RAM real hard!

- Have also developed a system (using samba) where the users buy some
  amount of hours to spend on the PC's and the system automatically
  deducts those on-line hours for them until they have no credit left - 
  their account is temporarily suspended until they buy more hours.
  You can see who's logged on in the cafe at all times:

  All these programs are home-made! Mixture of C (heavy coding) with TCL
  (for the interfaces, cgi's and the jukebox server) plus lib_gdbm for the
  small databases of the users' times.

- 12 Windows 95 clients in the costumers lounge plus 6 more from staff.

I also run another site of public Internet access
(basically same stuff)
- 1 Samba PDC / homes (50 Mb each user) / file sharing plus All Internet
  Services server
- 12 Windows 95 clients plus 3 more from staff.

Sorry for all the extent and the details, but it's just to show all that
can be put together with Samba/Linux and some nice work and imagination...
in the real world! Really proud!

Nice work guys!


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