Update: Machine accounts invalid

Kevin Currie x7currie at lab2.cc.wmich.edu
Thu May 21 12:34:38 GMT 1998

> it's probably because we now support the "machine password change".
	Uhg... :(  This could mean a lot of scripting work for me an my
unix sysadmin finding a way to make him feel secure about me calling
smbpasswd with as root in order to reset the machine accounts every time I
want to rebuild the lab.

	How far are you guys from getting the "create machine account in
the domian" check box functioning?  I realize this could be a pain because
each machine account is supposed to have a unique uid.
	As a stepping stone, how about having it reset the machine
password for an account that is already there, and then have a parameter
in the smb.conf file something like "machine reset users = " which says
which users can reset the password for the already existing accounts?


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