Update: Machine accounts invalid

Jeremy Allison jallison at whistle.com
Wed May 20 23:33:27 GMT 1998

Kevin Currie wrote:
> Okay, here is what is going on.  This must have changed in the newer code,
> because what I was doing worked before.  I can only connect to the domain
> when I use a "change domain" from control panel/network.  And, I can only
> do this immediately after I reset the machine account's password with a
>         "smbpasswd -m machine_name machine_name"
> Here after everything works fine until the machine is moved to a different
> domain or (this is the big problem) I rebuild the machine (either from
> scratch or using imaging software). Once this is done, I have to reset
> the password again.

Well once you leave and re-join a domain, the client will
reset its machine account password, so yes it is supposed 
to do this.

What *exactly* do you mean by rebuilding the machine ?
If you mean re-install or any re-load of the registry
LSA secrets hive then the old machine password will
be lost and you will have to re-join the domain, after
resetting the password on the PDC.


Buying an operating system without source is like buying
a self-assembly Space Shuttle with no instructions.

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