NIS+ Password support

Gerald Heinig heinig at
Wed May 20 23:21:05 GMT 1998

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:

> he he.  then can i exploit you for all it's worth, and ask you if you
> could help testing?
> if so, then please compile with the above makefile, do the usual cvs
> update whenever you feel like it, and send me bug reports.  i'm just
> downloading nis+ for linux, so i should be able to do some tests myself.
> no guarantees, though: i don't have sun, sgi or hp nis+.  boo.
> best regards,
> luke

I´ll try and get it done next week-ish. Can´t promise much, though... I´ve
been up to my ears in it sorting out a problem with one of our networks and
I´ll be studying for exams after next week. I´ll see what I can do... :-)



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