Problem joining domain

Gerald Heinig heinig at
Wed May 20 23:12:22 GMT 1998

Matthias Transier wrote:

> When I try to join the samba domain (on an NT4-Workstation),
> I get an error message like 'Cannot update the local security
> to become a domain member' (That's a translation as I use the
> german version of NT).
> DOS- or WfW-Clients have no problems to logon the domain.

  If I remember correctly, you need to specify the domain or machine SID
in the smb.conf file. I had identical problems about two months or so
ago, but as I´ve been working on something else since then and haven´t
touched Samba for at least that long, I´m not *entirely* sure.

I definitely posted something like this at the time, so have a look in
the Samba mailing list archives.


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