Bad machine accounts

Andy Smith abs at
Wed May 20 21:29:04 GMT 1998

On Thu, May 21, 1998 at 07:07:59AM +1000, Gerald Carter wrote:
> I have ~12 NT Workstations spread across 5 subnets (yes across routers)
> with no problems.  Very Stable.

Gulp.  I have exactly that many already, spread across 3 subnets, I am
installing another 16 in pairs starting tomorrow, adding another
subnet.  I've had nothing turn up so far that would warn me to be more
cautious.  Am I being too gung ho? (as if I have any choice now :-)

OK, this is pre-alpha, and it's my risk and so on and so on, but how
many people are using domain login support now?  Is it 5, 50 or 500?
Where does this sort of usage fit into the spectrum of current
development experience?  Am I a small site, medium or big?

Just want to know what I've taken on.

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