does smbpasswd -r <host> need conf file?

Michael Egan dugan at
Wed May 20 11:55:28 GMT 1998

I seem to recall that Hobbit and Mudge (spelling?) discussed that the NT 
passwors do not use a salt. Another shortcomming.
If you set your password to be DOG on one domain, not only withh the 
first half of the encrypted version be the same on all the domains, but 
the last half will always start with CA CA (hex) since it is nulled, and 
the password tpyed is split and each split half is passed separately....
check out hsi paper on the passwords...

On Wed, 20 May 1998, Andy Smith wrote:

> Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 19:56:41 +1000
> From: Andy Smith <abs at>
> To: Multiple recipients of list <samba-ntdom at>
> Subject: does smbpasswd -r <host> need conf file?
> If I copy the binary for smbpasswd to some unix workstation not running
> samba and arrange for the user to invoke it as 'smbpasswd -r <host>'
> where <host> is the unix server running samba as a pdc, it objects that
> it cant find it's configuration file.
> However, if I supply an empty configuration file (eg touch
> /usr/local/lib/samba/smbd.conf) it will quite happily change the
> encrypted passwd on the pdc, so would there be any implications if the
> requirement to successfully read a config file were relaxed when using
> the -r option?
> Incidently, I have noticed when testing this that the encrypted version
> of the passwd is always the same for the same clear text passwd (ie,
> when I return my smb passwd to the same value as my unix passwd, the
> string in private/smbpasswd is the same as it was originally)  I
> presume this a shortcoming of the using encrypted passwords?
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