User permissions w/NT 4.0

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Tue May 19 12:56:10 GMT 1998

Pierre-Jules Tremblay wrote:
> I kind of disagree, if only because you stated a few weeks ago that
> you guys would try and keep what's already working, working ;-). 
> the other hand, time-setting can be regarded as a low-priority
> concern, until that time where I'm going to have problems with CVS
> (we've got about 6 developers running cvs clients on NT boxes and
> using a repository on the Linux box), but I can adress that problem
> using an NTP client on NT.

Or you could setup and second samba server on the same machine using the
latest main distribution code.  Configure no shares and #define
GUEST_SESSETUP 2 in local.h (aside...I know about didling with this but
if there are no shares to worry about IMHO it should be OK ).  

This will allow you to perform a 'net time \\server /set /yes' as the
local / domain admin on the NT box but not have to log in to the samba
server.  You will have to set 'encrypt passwords = yes' but don't have
to create an smbpasswd file because everyone will be validated as guest

Make sense?
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