Machine accounts invalid, sort of.

Kevin Currie x7currie at
Mon May 18 12:58:38 GMT 1998

> Check the event logs for the machine account password change failing due
> to a "inconsistent with current credentials" message or something similar.
> I have seen this one pop up but no had time to track it down yet.  Maybe
> it will help give some direction to your current problem.

	Well, that message isn't there... and now the computers are
working.  I'll check w/ my unix sysadmin and see if he changed anything or
not, but I doubt that he did over the weekend.
	This is what I suspect happened.  I saw several messages that the
master broswer was stopped or restarted and that the client was forcing an
election.  Every computer was turned off over the weekend except the samba
PDC which never gets turned off.  I wonder if it simply needed to regain
control as the master browser.  Is it possible that anytime we HUP
(or stop and restart for that matter) samba to force it into an election
it is bound to win?  I thought I had configured to do this, but if it is
possible, I might have the parameters wrong...  Here is what I have:

        domain master = yes
        local master = no
        preferred master = yes
        os level = 65

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