Machine accounts invalid, sort of.

Kevin Currie x7currie at
Sun May 17 00:04:33 GMT 1998

> try different usernames on machines that are failing.

	Well, almost all machines are failing now.  I had them set up as
cae2054-{00-50} as machine names.  This was working great.  I saw the
information about bad things coming from having every machine account set
to the same uid, so I had unique unix passwd entries made for each
machine (now with names of cae-a{00-50} as stated before).  I've gotten a
total of two computers to connect to these new accounts.  The machines
that will connect will do so as a variety of the different machine names
so I don't think the accounts are messed up.
	As far as more information goes, this might be of value.  After
changing from the old names to the new names, the new names didn't work.
Then when I changed back to the old names, the old names didn't work!
This is sort of a problem... :)


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