Machine accounts invalid, sort of.

Kevin Currie x7currie at
Fri May 15 13:02:32 GMT 1998

> ah.  how many machines do you have: what is the length of the name of:

	about 120 eventaully, right now about 50.  the length of the names
is 8 characters including the dollar sign.

> - the user you are logging in as

	usernames are all lowercase or numeric.  i've tried a few of them,
that x7currie, caetmp, caesmb as examples.

> - the machine name

	machines names are as follows (using bash style brace expansion)

> can you do a case-by-case analysis for me, as there may be an alignment
> problem (it's what it sounds like)

	we had an alignment problem compiling w/ gcc a long while back.
compiling with sun c fixed this, but now we get lots of warnings w/ sun c
(most about mismatches between signed and unsigned variable, nothing
serious) and gcc comiles cleanly.  I'll try it with a sun c compile and
let the list know the results.  if you need any more info, i'll see what i
can get.  I won't be here much longer today, but I can get an employee to
get the tedious stuff if you need it.


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