password synching -- Grrr.. (fwd)

Adam Williams awilliam at
Thu May 14 18:58:51 GMT 1998

> > This is a forwarded message from my unix sysadmin (he's taking care of the
> > Unix side of things and I've got the NT side).  Just a little background,
> > we're trying to execute smbpasswd from within Sun's passwd program.  We
> > have the source.
> Been trying to do something similar here, but not having the source,
> I'm looking at passwd+ and npasswd.  Trouble is, neither of these support
> NIS (well, the versions I've found anyway), so I've got a long way to go
> still.  Does anyone know of a publicly available NIS aware passwd

I've written a yypasswd/yppasswdd that updates the passwd and smbpasswd if
anyone is interested.  The yppasswd accepts the password (authenticates it) and
sends it to yppasswdd on the server which updates the passwd file and calls
smbpasswd to fix the samba password.  Send me a message if your interested in
my code.  I've gotten it to run on RedHat 4.2/5.0 and AIX 4.2.1

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