Initial testing

Jeremy Allison jallison at
Thu May 14 22:47:59 GMT 1998

Tavis Barr wrote:

> I take it back.  It's no longer in the new version.  My machines are now
> failing because I get errors like this for the domain server MARKOV when
> I try to connect workstations to the domain:
> Domain=[SOCIOLOGY]  NativeOS=[Windows NT 1381] NativeLanMan=[]
> sesssetupX:name=[tavis]
> get_trust_account_password: Malformed trust password file (wrong length).
> domain_client_validate: unable to read the machine account password for
> machine MARKOV in domain SAMBADC.

You've got 'security=domain' set on the Samba machine you
want to be a PDC, haven't you.

The trust account password message is a giveaway.

You should only set 'security=domain' if you're adding
a Samba server into a domain as a *member* of a domain,
not as the PDC.

I'll add code to make smbd die if you have it set as 
a PDC and 'security=domain' as people are obviously
confusing the two.

When Samba is a PDC there should be no DOMAIN.MACINE.mac
file for the domain that Samba is serving as a PDC for.

There will be a DOMAIN.MACINE.mac file on a Samba server
acting as a server in a domain.

There should always be a MACHINE.sid file.

Delete the DOMAIN.MACINE.mac file, and change the
'security=domain' line to 'security=user' on the
machine you want to act as the PDC.


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