Initial testing

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Thu May 14 22:19:18 GMT 1998

Tavis Barr wrote:
> Actually, I just tried it and it does.  It checks /etc/passwd, finds 
> out
> that there is no machine named workstation$, and exits.  On the other
> hand, if you add workstation$ to the /etc/passwd file, then it adds
> workstation$ in lower case to the smbpasswd file.  From what I
> understand, the machine name has to be in upper case, and the password 
> in lower case -- but then I keep getting these machine password 
> invalid errors on the NT end, so I'm hardly one to know.

Matter to smbpasswd and matter to the NT box are two different matters. 
Yes smbpasswd does matter, but I don't think that UPPER case is
neccessary for things to work.  The case conversion is handled
internally to the samba code.

> I take it back.  It's no longer in the new version.  My machines are 
> now failing because I get errors like this for the domain server 
> MARKOV when I try to connect workstations to the domain:
> Domain=[SOCIOLOGY]  NativeOS=[Windows NT 1381] NativeLanMan=[]
> sesssetupX:name=[tavis]
> get_trust_account_password: Malformed trust password file (wrong length).
> domain_client_validate: unable to read the machine account password for
> machine MARKOV in domain SAMBADC.
> Nevertheless there is an entry for MARKOV$ in my smbpasswd file:
> MARKOV$:65534:F97C0A62568073BCAAD3B435B51404EE:

I'll look into this tomorrow OK?  Gotta get home and see the last
Seinfield tonight ;)

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